25 Tonsil Stones Treatment Options & Remedies

Introduction: The tonsils are two almond-shaped balls of lymphoid tissue at the back of your mouth. It is part of your body’s lines of defense against infection. They produce T-lymphocytes or T-cells to fight against inhaled or ingested invaders. When the tonsils itself are the site of an attack, the tonsils become inflamed and the resulting ailment is termed as this disorder. Tonsil stone … [Read more...]

30 Best PMDD Treatment Options & Remedies

Introduction: It is normal when a girl reaches adolescence age and start experiencing menstruation, though this always scares them off and makes them think they are sick because it is strange phenomenon they are beginning to undergo. This experience do make many girls feel embarrassed when they see blood oozing out from their reproductive part, they try to avoid talking about it or seeking … [Read more...]

How To Stop Nail Biting – 30 Best Options To Stop Bad Habit

What’s nail biting? Commonly referred to as onychophagia, nail-biting is a condition that develops naturally as a stress-relieving habit. Nearly everyone has had a nail-biting moment in life either intentionally or unintentionally. One can occasionally find themselves gnawing their nails between their teeth during a lecture, a boring church session or a lengthy meeting. No matter the venue, … [Read more...]

30 Best Dizziness Treatment Options & Remedies

Without a grain of doubt you have probably felt light-headed, weak, faint, unsteady or at least heard of some people complain of such conditions. Well, if you have, then you must have probably asked yourself a string of questions on what the probable causes of these conditions could be and how they can be treated or controlled. This condition is called dizziness. Dizziness is basically a … [Read more...]

30 Best Fibroids Treatment Options & Remedies

Fibroids are condition whereby muscles and a network of tissues form knots within the blood circulatory system. These knots are commonly referred to as tumors and can be a health hazard to women’s health. There are many primary causes of fibroids but the two main causes are; imbalanced levels of estrogen and family planning pills. For most women, the tumors develop in the womb, along the uterus … [Read more...]

25 Best Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment Options & Remedies

Introduction: Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal infection in women that is caused due to increased bacteria in vagina or the inner lining of vagina. It can happen due to sexual intercourse with a new partner; however, it is not considered a sexually transmitted contagion. Women affected by this ailment are advised to taken numerous precautionary measures along with some basic or high-level … [Read more...]

25 Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment Options & Remedies

Introduction: Hidradenitis Suppurativa or H-Suppurativa, a skin disease that features small swellings in areas like armpits, groin, and under breasts. H-S (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) has been rated as one of the dangerous skin diseases ever suffered by people (skin cancer being on the top).In deeper analysis, it has been figured out that H-S often affects people after puberty or year of puberty. … [Read more...]

25 Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment Options & Remedies

Introduction: Restless leg syndrome (RLS) also referred to, as Willis-Ekbom syndrome is a neurological disorder that affects mainly the legs. It is characterized by an irresistible urge to move the legs from abnormal and persistent sensations on the leg, which occurs mostly at night, or during rest, such symptoms are relieved when the patient moves the limbs. However, some patients may have a … [Read more...]

How To Stop Sweaty Hands (Palms) – 30 Best Cure & Treatment Options

Introduction: Everyone sweats. We sweat when it’s a hot sunny day, when it’s a tense situation, or when we are doing intense physical activity. The problem is that some people sweat more than we do. So, it becomes a debilitating condition, sweating even when the conditions are not rightfully so. Focal hyperhidrosis of the palms or commonly known as “sweaty palms” is when the palms sweat more … [Read more...]

25 Different Frozen Shoulder Treatment Options & Remedies

Introduction: Frozen shoulder, in scientific language, Adhesive capsulitis or contracted shoulder, which is due to the excessive thickening of the shoulder joint capsule. There is increased tautness in the tendons and ligaments resulting in decreased range of movements. The risk factors, which predispose a person to acquiring this disease, are: Female gender 40-70 years old persons Any … [Read more...]