Cold Sore Treatment

A cold sore is a fluid filled pimple or blister that is usually found on the lip, nose and mouth and is characterized by itching, burning and a lot of pain. It is usually caused by the herpes virus HSV-1. The virus is usually dormant in the body and is usually reactivated by fever from colds, stress and excess sunshine. The virus is thought to enter the body through a break in the skin or around the mouth area.It is spread when a person touches someone else’s saliva through kissing or sharing of razors.It can alleviate the signs and symptoms associated with the condition.Early symptoms of the condition are characterized by swollen glands around the neck region, pain in the lips and mouth, a sore throat and blisters.

Once the latter bursts, they leave a clear fluid which then hardens to form a pimple. This stays on the face for more than two weeks.Genuine Cold Sore CureIt is not always easy to tell if one has the condition but a doctor can run some tests and ask questions to determine whether the individual is a victim of the ailment.

It is always necessary to get ointments, creams or oral medication to alleviate it.The virus known to cause this condition does not go away once it enters the human body. It stays in the body for the remainder of the individual’s life. There are solutions that can lessen the number of times that a person gets the blisters and how serious they are.

Prevention is better than cure.The individual can avoid coming into contact with body fluids of other infected people through kissing. Sharing of cups and eating plates with an individual who has the condition is not advised. Stress and the flu are other major contributors of this condition and taking things one at a time or eating proper foods that are rich in vitamin C to prevent catching a cold.

People who have this condition should not touch their blisters and sores because they can spread the condition to other parts of the body such as the genitals which can worsen the ailment. Washing of hands with a germicidal soap is always suggested in order to kills all bacteria and fungus.

Some people are okay with taking over the counter medicine but these are known to have very serious side effects. Another alternative to treating this condition is through some home remedies. Ice cubes wrapped in a cloth can be used.The ice helps to prevent formation of blisters and can numb oncoming pain.

Treatment may also include use of aloe vera which can alleviate pain and eliminate blisters. Witch hazel is another natural solution that gets rid of this condition. For very severe conditions, it is advisable for the person to visit a dermatologist who can prescribe stronger medication.

Effective methods

It is certainly one of the hardest things for people who are hard hit by skin bruises.They come as small, but painful blisters with white head and reddish bottoms.Due to its contagious nature, it can be transmitted when an infected person gets into contact with another.

These blisters are caused by viruses and even after they have been treated, there are higher chances that they will recur again. Treating them is not all that hard as your doctor will examine you, ask how you may have contracted it and provide the necessary treatments. Normally, if left on their own, they could get healed within a few days, but if they cause pain, there is need to treat them.

The skin bruises does not normally last for many days, though they look pretty ugly. It is the pain and discomfort that comes with it that makes people seek treatments. There are various techniques which could be used for its management and while some are home based, others involve visiting a doctor or buying medications from the drug stores.

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Also, applying milk on the affected area will help reduce the pain and also provide the individual with some soothing effect. These bruises follow a certain trend in people and it is advisable that you avoid a situation that could lead to a bruise appearing on your skin. A medical practitioner could help offer the advice you require.

The virus that causes this condition does not get fully treated and once infected, there are higher chances of remaining with it for the rest of your life. There may be some re-occurrence, but with the use of the right methods, the rate of re-occurrence could be reduced considerably. It is important that you select a more suitable method that can enable you manage it effectively.Good ideas from another site.