25 Genital Warts Treatment Options & Remedies


Genital warts (or shall we call it condylomata acuminata or else venereal warts) is a common genital disease that may cause due to sexual transmission with your partner. This disease may affect both men and women and there is a chance that the disease may grow abnormally in some conditions, if proper care and enough medical resources are not used in time. This disease is also known as a skin-to-skin transferable disease. It normally transfers at a high rate when skin contact is made. This disease also grows more rapidly, if person has a very weak immune system or is affected already by diabetes, HIV/positive, or negative.

  • Different Treatments for Genital Wart:

Different remedies are available to get rid of genital wart. In order to get rid of GW (Genital Warts), you should try to consult with your doctor as soon as possible. This will first of all give you relief from tension and stress. Moreover, doctors can better prescribe you different medical treatments in order to get rid of GW completely. If you are a recent victim of GW and want to know more about different treatments before paying visit to a doctor or nearest health care advisor, following are some of the top remedies for treating GW:

  • Home-Based Remedies/Personal Care/Natural Options:

1. Aloe | Herbal Treatment:

Aloe Vera plant has been used as a medicine in many cultures. It is a member of the Liliaceae family. According to many studies, Aloe Vera has been indicated for many skin diseases. This magical healing effect is due to the components of its leaves; the outer part of the leaf produces a gel and the inner part contains yellow fluid, both have shown great efficacy in skin diseases healing. Aloe Vera has a wide range of skin indications; the most important one is its antiviral action.

Aloe Vera has direct and indirect antiviral effects; the indirect effect is by activating the immune system and stimulating its action. The direct effect is by inactivation of certain virus like the Herpes simplex, which is the cause of this disease. According to a study conducted, 5500 µg/ml of Aloe Vera extract was cytotoxic for 100% of the Herpes simplex type II virus causing this disease.

2. Echinacea | Flowering Plant Cure:

Echinacea is a flowering plant, from the family Asteraceae. There are three species of Echinacea, Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea pallida and Echinacea purpurea. Nowadays, Echinacea has a great reputation as an herbal solution. Only the roots and the aerial parts are used for solution, as they are rich with the active components: phenolic compounds, alkamides and polysaccharides.

It is available in the market in many dosage forms (teas, liquid extracts, a dried herb, and as capsules or tablets). Echinacea has been indicated for many viral and microbial infections. One of the anti-viral indications is Genital herpes. A number of studies were conducted to prove that Echinacea has a great and potent effect on the virus that causes genital warts. The results of those studies showed that this antiviral mechanism is caused by the ability of Echinacea to enhance the immune system by increasing the production of macrophage which by turn enhance the synthesis of type 1 interferon, which are responsible for stopping the viral replication.

3. Lycopene | Natural Pigment Cure:

Lycopene is a pigment that gives the fruits and vegetables the red color. However, in case of healing options, it is thought to be one of the best healing options. There are numerous products that contain normal level of Lycopene (like 45%). Many products like creams and gel contain high level of Lycopene and are used to treat GW directly or indirectly. If you are suffering from very high rashes, you need to consult your doctor in order to get directions on how to apply Lycopene-based solutions on your affected area. Mostly, there are cases when this infection affects in the form of pimples and not in the form of rashes. In such cases, it is very effective to use such products containing high amount of Lycopene.

4. Zinc | Effective Mineral Remedy:

Zinc is an exogenous mineral not synthesized in the human body. Despite this, it plays a major role in many physiological mechanisms; the body depends on the amount supplied from the diet. Zinc is found in many animal and vegetable products like: Seafood (Cooked Oysters), Beef and Lamb, Wheat Germ, Spinach and many other products. Zinc has a highlighted function in the immune system, as it is responsible for the production and division of the immune system cells like macrophages, natural killer cells, and neutrophils. Zinc balance should always be maintained, if there is a deficiency Zinc supplements are recommended. Zinc supplements have many indications; the most important one is that it is indicated for viral warts. A study made in 2002 proved the efficacy of the zinc in treating viral warts ,98.2 % of the  warts  were totally cleared during 6 weeks only. The antiviral mechanism of the zinc was investigated in another study; the zinc is accumulated in the virus and inhibits the glycoprotein responsible for the virus penetration into the human cell.

5. Propolis | Curing With Natural Wax:

Propolis is a natural occurring wax or a resin found in the buds of some trees. The bees collect it and use it as a strengthening material. Propolis is also known as propolis resin, propolis wax. It is known for its medicinal actions since ages ago. It has shown a great effect in warts treatment, and this is due to its anti-viral effect.

6. Sangre De Grado | Crofelemer-Based Treatment:

Sangre De Grado—also known as the Blood of the dragon or Croton lechleri—is an imperative remedy. It is found in the South American countries. It is a tree known for its medicinal effects especially the bark and sap parts. The main active ingredient, which produces the medicinal effect, is a proanthocyanidin oligomer named crofelemer (SP-303, NP-303).The Blood of the dragon has many indications like AIDs related diarrhea, Traveler’s diarrhea, and Herpes. This anti-herpetic effect is due to the powerful antiviral effect of its active component SP-303; it binds directly to the virus envelope and inhibits the attachment and penetration into the plasma of the human cell.

7. Podophyllum| Flowering plant Treatment from Berberidaceae Family:

Podophyllum is also a well-known treatment for GW. It is also known as Duck’s Foot, which is a plant member of the family Berberidaceae. The lower parts like the roots and the rhizomes are known for their medicinal effects. The active ingredients are: lignans including podophyllotoxin (20%), alpha-peltatin (10%), and beta-peltatin (5%). Podophyllum was known for its laxative effect but it was proven that it is poisonous when taken orally. Nowadays; it is used topically for viral warts treatment. Podophyllotoxin is the most effective in warts treatment as it stops the viral replication by inhibiting microtubule assembly.

8. Ginseng | Natural Plant:

Ginseng or Siberian Ginseng is a well-known plant and its roots are used to make medicines. Siberian Ginseng is an effective way to treat different diseases like high blood pressure, low blood pressure and many others including warts. As low as 0.2 – 0.5 % of ginseng ingredient called eleutheroside or Elagen is effective to contribute positively in order to get rid of GW from its roots.

9. Green Tea | A Healthy Drink For This Disorder:

As a home remedy, you can treat your Genital Warts with a very light liquid. In many countries, it is known as Green Tea or green plant tea. Made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis, green tea serves as the best home remedy for treating warts. Many healthcare experts say that green tea not only improves your skin tone but also acts as a medicine for treating warts pimples. Moreover, many skin rashes are treated by green tea. However, the process of recovery is a little bit slow; however, green tea has proved to be a great way to tackle your general warts disease.

10. Lemon Gel | Natural Gel Cure:

Used for culinary and non-culinary processes, lemon is an effective ingredient. Mostly, lemon is used as in ingredient to make lemon gel that can easily be used to apply on the affected area. If you have spaced pimples then it is very easy to treat pimples by applying an amount equal to that of a pea on your affected area. Most of the doctors recommend applying lemon gel twice or thrice a day in order to recover from the disease faster. Many doctors and physicians most commonly prescribe many lemon gels like Tea Tree (Anti-Fungal Gel), Bye Wart lemon gel, and Wart Removal Gel with Salicylic Acid as a personal remedy for treating genital warts.

11. Natural Balm:

Where gels and pills are ready to get rid of your disease, why not prefer natural balm. Natural balms are very gentle in use, easy to use on skin and give a mush spoofy effect when applied. Nowadays, many natural balms are considered to be the best possible cure for GW. Natural balms with pure oil extracts can easily be used at home in order to apply on small and large fungus areas. The best advantage of a natural balm is that it gives you warm feelings when you use it in winter season. Gel, on the contrary, cannot give you such feeling and lack warmness while the material is applied on the affected area. Doctors prescribe to use natural balms with original oil extracts once or twice a day for 2 weeks before you pay your next visit to the doctor’s clinic for bi-weekly check-up.

12. Oil Massage:

In many cases, pure oil massage on affected pimples or fungus areas minimizes the issue. Oil massage helps you to fight against this disease very effectively. Oil massage can remove outer fungus lining when you massage the area gently. You can also go for a combination of oil massage and cream or gel. Let us say you go for oil massage to remove outer layer of fungus. After you are done, apply cream or gel on the affected area with two therapies.

13. Natural Extracted Anti-wart Cream Massage:

Anti-wart cream is another natural healing solution. Many companies manufacture anti-wart creams within a small period with natural extracts. Some companies prefer lemon extracts as an ingredient to cure this infection. However, some companies prefer oil extracts to cure it. However, you can use whichever suits you, but after the prescription of your doctor. If you feel that anyone of the above-mentioned creams gives you more quick positive results, stick to it. Otherwise, consult your doctor to prescribe a much more effective anti-wart cream for massaging in a better way and to get rid of this disorder as soon as possible.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar | Natural Fruit Treatment:

Apple cider vinegar includes acetic acid that helps prevent you from this disorder. The procedure is to clean the affected area from a cotton piece and then apply Apple Cider Vinegar. Leave the liquid on the affected area for 15 minutes and then wipe it again from a dry cotton piece. Do it for more than 7 days. You will feel the difference, for sure.

15. Garlic | Garlic Extracts for Quick healing:

Garlic is another natural and quick treatment to heal your wounds. It is better to use garlic extracts instead of using garlic in solid form. Garlic could be grind in order to get extracted juice. You can use a clean cotton piece in order to apply the extracts to the wounded area. It is better to apply the extracts for at least 15 minutes and then clean your affected area again. Repeat this activity for one week and you will see your wounds in a lot better condition.

16. Banana Skin | A Healing Solution for Every Night:

Banana skin has found to be much more effective if you are affected by big wounds of this disease. The soft insider area of the skin gives a lot more pleasure and acts as a healing agent. Rub the inner area of a banana skin every night on your wounds and you will check your wounds curing rapidly.

17. Almond Oil | Directly or Indirectly With Tea Tree:

Another natural healing solution could be to use almond oil along with tea tree oil. Use 2 tablespoons of tea tree oil and add 1 tablespoon of almond oil in it. Stir the solution and apply on the wounds.

18. Fish Oils | Natural Fish Oil Healing:

Fish Oil has been used as a preventive measure for healing GW. You can use fish oil in any form, as it is a natural way to heal your wounds. Nowadays, fish oil tablets are also available in market. On the contrary, you can use liquid fish oil to apply on the affected area.

19. Echinacea | Herbaceous Cornflower Solution:

Echinacea is an herb and also known as cornflower that could be used in healing cold, flu and more importantly this disorder. Echinacea extracts could be used to apply on the wounds. You could do this activity once a day and repeat for at least 2 to 3 weeks to see the difference.

20. Kelp | Natural Algae Extracts:

Though it is a difficult solution; however, it is very effective in case of healing. Kelp extracts have proved to be an effective solution for patients. The method is to apply the extracts with much care, as the natural kelp extracts are somewhat expensive.

  • Medical Treatments:

21. Anti-Allergic Wart Cream:

Some anti-wart creams only serve to cure areas that are already grown up. However, they are unable to stop your fungus to spread allergy around the area surrounded. This can only be done, if you use an anti-allergic wart cream. An anti-allergic wart cream serves two main purposes. One is to cure your genital wart issue and the other is to prevent your area from allergic effects. Once your fungus area spreads more through allergy, you will find it hard to stop it. Therefore, you need to start thinking about the precautionary measures as soon as possible. Wart-freeze, de-wart, dual-action, wart-stick, freeze verruca and wart, and duo-film wart solution are some of the top anti-allergic wart creams that serve as a two-way protecting agent to protect you from wart and fight against anti-wart allergy.

In case, if you are not into creams, then there is a very fine alternative for you. Anti-allergic wart gels are the best solutions for treating warts and verruca using gel instead of cream. De-wart Gel, Bazuka, and Wartner are some of the top anti-allergic wart gels that serve as a two-way protecting agent to protect you from wart and fight against anti-wart allergy.

22. Imiquimod (Aldara):

It is a prescription Cream (5%) available in the market to be applied topically for warts solution. Imiquimod (1-(2-methylpropyl)-lH-imidazo[4,5-c]quinolin-4-amine).Imiquimod is known as an immune response modulator. The mechanism of action as antiviral is not very clear. However, some studies suggested that the antiviral activity might increase the production of cytokines (interferon-α, interleukins and tumor necrosis factors) in the infected cells. This by turn enhances the immune system. An efficacy study for Aldara was conducted and it proved that 16 out of 18 patients were totally cured. Despite the great efficacy, it has some side effects like include redness, itching, and burning, swelling pain/tenderness.

23. Imiquimod (Zyclara) | Antibiotic Cream For GW:

Zyclara is Imiquimod cream. It is available in the market in two concentrations (2.5% and 3.75%). The 2.5 and the 3.75% concentrations are indicated for actinic keratosis. While for the remedy, only the 3.75% is used. For GW, Zyclara is applied topically for 8 consecutive weeks till total recovery. Zyclara shares with Aldara the same mechanism of action, it is an immune system modifier, and it functions by increasing the cytokines production, which enhances the immune system. Zyclara is dispensed in a pump for patients, which improves patients’ compliance. Zyclara is preferred over Aldra according to some studies, as it is safer and simpler in GW remedy.

24. Condylox: Podofilox Lotion | An Effective Lotion:

Podofilox gel is available in the market as Condylox. It is indicated for warts treatment for topical use only, the main active ingredient is podophyllin. It is applied on the warts once in the morning and again in the evening for 3 days followed by a 4-day rest period. If the warts do not go away, then this cycle is repeated up to 4 times. Veregen: Sinecatechins is an ointment used for genital warts; it is extracted from green tea. The main active ingredient of Veregen is catechins (55% of epigallocatechin gallate). Catechins have many mechanisms of action. One of them is antiviral mechanism, so they are used in warts therapy. It induces its antiviral action through two pathways, either by inhibiting the viral gene expression HPV-E7 or by activating tumor suppressor genes.

25. Podophyllin Resin | Pure Resin Remedy:

Podophyllin Resin (or Podofilox) is a lotion or gel to stop further growth of GW disease. Podophyllin Resin (or Podofilox) can be applied directly on the genital warts area to get rid of GW as soon as possible. Doctors recommend applying it for 3 to 4 hours and then cleaning it with a clean cloth if the gel is not fully absorbed. Again, the precautionary measure here is to apply the gel or lotion fully to absorb the lotion within the visible skin. Regular massage will cure you within 2 or 3 weeks’ timeframe. Intralesional bleomycin and Intralesional interferon are a popular way to cure wart disease. Intralesional bleomycin is given in the form of an injection either on the area where the warts are in excessive amount or around the affected area. A study was carried out to check out the success rate of treating genital warts with Intralesional bleomycin. It was concluded that after 7 to 8 days of regular sessions, 68 out of 75 patients were successfully cured. The remaining patients got reduction in the disease intensity. This method is applied on patients with high number of warts on their body.

  • Conclusion:

GW is known as one of the most common and dangerous genital disease. In order to get rid of it, you need to follow some of the natural and herbal treatments mentioned in detail above.

Remember! Every disease could be cured; however, it takes time to cure it with proper medication. Proper check-up and daily medication as per prescribed by your doctor could give you a lot more benefit in order to fight against this painful disease.

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