Scar Treatment

It is a mark left on the skin after an injured tissue heals. When skin is damaged or broken, the body generates a fibrous tissue in order to repair it. This often leaves a mark behind after the wound has healed, known as a scar. These marks are undesirable to many people, especially when they occur on critical body parts; on the face of the victim, for example. This calls for their removal using varying techniques, which depends on the nature of the mark itself.Gel is one of the most common and effective ways of removing cicatrices. These gels contain a variety of ingredients, which are mostly silicone based.

They help diminish the size and color. An advantage of using gels over creams is that the former is easily absorbed into the skin that the latter.Such gels can be used on marks resulting from burns, surgery or keloids.

Laser removal is an excellent option for minimizing the appearance of it. This involves use of a high-energy light on areas off skin that is affected by cicatrix tissue. Several laser treatment techniques exist, including pulsed dye laser for raised and reddened scars and laser skin resurfacing for acne.

It can also be treated by use of steroid and collagen injections. These are injected under the skin to minimize the appearance.This is especially effective on small keloids and acne marks. Four to six sessions are required for the procedure to produce the desired results. This procedure requires a skilled dermatologist.

The duration of the healing process is a principal determinant of how noticeable are after healing. Healing of wounds requires vitamins C and E.Take note that vitamin E is of significant effect only when consumed during the healing process; otherwise, it is of little effect after It is already formed. Foods that contain vitamin E include eggs, wheat germ, oilseeds and nuts.

Vitamin C is also crucial during the healing process. It contains collagen, which is a cementing material which is highly essential during blood clotting. The most common sources of vitamin C are sour foods, especially creams. One excellent example is the cocoa cream. Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits are also a rich source of these vitamins.

Proteins are essential for fast healing of wounds. The faster a wound heals, the lesser the mark. Common sources of protein include eggs, milk and meat.

It may also be treated without employing professional support, by use of herbs. Aloe Vera is an excellent remedy. Its juice extract is natural bleach. It can be used to reduce it and make them vanish. Cucumber paste also helps to smoothen out it. It is worth noting that herb treatment takes time and requires application for a considerably long time.

While the solution is crucial in removing these marks, other factors also exist which determine how successful this procedure is. One of the tips that the victim should adhere to is to act fast to remove them. The victim should also observe a healthy diet; since this helps the body heal itself too.