Wart Removal

Viral infections cause most warts. Over the course of a lifetime, almost everyone will have a growth of this type. They occur anywhere but appear to be most common on hands and feet. Genitals are another location where these rough spots frequently erupt.They are not serious health hazards. However, they can be irritating. Depending on where they are, the mounds may also be painful.Fortunately, simple removal is an easy process.An infection of this type is widely thought to be contagious.Many times, though, the virus affects a single area without appearing elsewhere.Most of the time they are contained to one part of the body.The Plantar variety occurs on feet.

The growths sometimes cluster around the cuticle of the nails or on fingers and hands.Many folks remove the skin clumps using readily found products.A number of over the counter remedies remove these eruptions.None of them should be used to treat genital maladies. Consult a physician for problems of that nature. The majority of these solutions contain salicylic acid. The preparation comes in various forms. Choose the one most easily applied to the affected zone.

Particularly stubborn warts respond well to medicated discs. A disc is applied directly to the afflicted spot. A small cushioned bandage goes over the disc to hold it in place. The disc is removed after a specified time. Some growths require several disc applications.

Freezing the offending skin works in some cases. Spray is also available in many drugstores. They require no prescription and can be used in the privacy of your home. Doctors can apply a more powerful spray during a routine office visit. A remedy such as this often removes the mound quickly.

Denying oxygen may also be effective. This home remedy requires nothing more than a strong wrapping material and time. However, if the zone receives air of any sort, the process must begin again. This approach is cheap but also not as effective or as fast as other solutions.

Still, people with chronic diseases should consult their physicians before embarking on any in home remedy. The most common complaint voiced about these procedures is the recurrence of the outbreak.An outbreak found on the soles of the feet or underneath fingernails frequently proves to be stubborn.

A growth that refuses to respond to repeated over the counter preparations may be burned off. This process is a quick and virtually painless method done in the office of a doctor. An electric needle cauterizes the area. The affected skin usually disappears quickly.Waiting for them to go away on their own, however, may be a long process. If you have blemishes which you want to take care of speedily, consider a product containing salicylic acid.Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss even faster methods for removal.