Wart Removal – 25 Different Treatment Options & Remedies


Warts are benign skin conditions caused by infection with Human Papilloma virus (HPV). Certain HPV is classified as a sexual transmitted disease. A cauliflower like the one growth found especially around the genital areas and the legs characterize it. However, warts can be seen at any part of the body exposed to the virus. On the intact skin, HPV is relatively inactive but when the skin is broken, the virus enters into the skin and may begin to proliferate or stay dormant for many years before establishing an infection. A special form of HPV causes cervical cancer in women.

Warts are relatively very common affecting both the young and the elderly with no gender predilection. It has a long incubation period ranging from 1-6 months. However, some individuals may be carriers of the HPV without any obvious skin wart. There usually grow causing neither discomfort nor pain but patients are usually concerned about the cosmetics of the affected area. Different cure modalities have been created for warts removal with each method having different efficacy rate. Treatment of warts may seldom be different thus requiring more than one form of cure.

Different Types of Warts:

There are different types of warts depending on its physical appearance and location of the warts. The different types of warts are:

  • Verruca Vulgaris: these are the most common type of warts affecting humans. It is seen mainly on the hands. There have a raised appearance with rough surface. Their dimensions usually range from 0.1 to 1 cm.
  • Condyloma acuminatum: this is also referred to as the genital warts. There are usually seen around the genital areas and it affects both men and women. There are usually shaped as cauliflower with soft consistency. Condyloma acuminatum can be single or multiple warts aggregating in one area. Warts removal is necessary in patients with extensive genital warts.
  • Verruca plantaris and palmaris: also referred to as warts of the sole of the feet and palms of the hand respectively. There usually appear as rough scaly lesions that may aggregate to form callus.
  • Verruca plana: These are relatively smaller warts with a fairly flat surface commonly seen around the face of the dorsum of the hand.
  • Home-Based Remedies/Personal Care/Natural Options:

1. Raw Garlic Cloves | Natural Curing Option:

Garlic is a spicy that adds a unique flavour to meals. It has been used for centuries in the cure of some medical ailments because of its anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidants properties. It is said to be helpful in the cure of warts. Raw garlic cloves can be eaten to boost the immune system, which prevents and direct the cells of the immune system to attack the warty areas. It can also be crushed and the oil is applied directly on the affected areas. Raw garlic contains allicin, a potent antiviral compound and a potent WR (Wart Removal) agent. Raw garlic does not only soften the hard skin; it also kills the virus causing the abnormal growth.

2. Tea Tree Oil | Treating With Natural Oil:

Tea tree oil is a highly toxic compound extracted from the leaves of tea tree.  It is applied locally on the affected skin. Its exact mechanism of action or efficacy is not known. However, some evidences are available on its efficacy in the cure of warts. Precautions should be taken during administration and it should never be taken by mouth. A physician whilst protecting the surrounding healthy skin applies it; it is usually left for few hours after application before washing it off.

3. Basil Leaf | Fresh Natural Option:

You can use a fresh basil leaf to cure this disease. You can crush the leaf and put it over the affected area. You can cut the leaf into smaller pieces to manage smaller affected areas. You need to pinch the leaf on your affected area using your fingers. Fresh basil leaf always contains pure contents that fight against anti-wart viruses and kill them. Use the above-mentioned procedure daily in order to get rid of this disorder as soon as possible.

4. Banana Peel | A Natural Relaxing Option to Get Rid of this Disease:

In order if you want to avoid pain-giving remedies and want some relaxing way to cure this disease, you can go for a banana peel. Banana peels contain anti-inflammatory contents and proteolytic enzyme that directly fight the germs causing deep skin trouble for you. Moreover, it is also an alternate solution to pain-giving solutions for getting rid of this disease. You can take a piece of banana peel and use the inner area to rub it against the affected area. This is a very soothing way to treat this disease directly. All you need to just rub the affected areas for 5 to 10 minutes and then throw away the pieces. Clean the surface with an uncontaminated cotton piece and repeat the procedure twice on daily basis. Try doing it for at least 2 to 3 weeks and you will for sure see the difference for yourself.

5. Lemon Peel | Another Natural Relaxing Option to Get Rid of this Disease:

Lemon peels also contain anti-inflammatory contents and proteolytic enzyme. You can use lemon peel but remember that lemon contains citric acid and if it is rubbed against your skin affected by this ailment, you will get hurt unlike banana peel. Therefore, the best strategy would be to go slowly and rub very softly on your affected area. This would give you some time to check whether it feels more painful or less. If it feels less painful, try to move it closer to the area and rub softly but more closely. In this way, you will use the lemon peel to cure it. Use this solution two times every day and you will feel the difference.

6. Dandelions | Natural Flowering Milk Solution:

When it comes to natural solution, dandelions have been found to be very effective in such cases. A dandelion contains milk extracts that can directly be applied on the affected area to get rid of it. You can use dandelions by directly rubbing them against the skin on your affected area. Milk like solution will come out that you need to rub on the skin. Use a bandage to cover the milk extracts in order to let the milk do its work. Use this procedure for 2 weeks and see results.

7. Organic Manuka Honey | Honey With Anti-Bacterial Feature:

Organic Manuka Honey has been found effective for its anti-bacterial feature and that is the only reason for its usage against bacterial disease. In case of warts, it is most commonly used. When it is applied on the affected area, it cuts off the supply of oxygen to the wound; thus, creating severe problem for not letting the wound to grow. In the meantime, it slowly kills the bacterial components that help the wart wound to grow. Apply the honey over the affected area and when done, cover it up with a bandage. Repeat the procedure for 2 times a day for at least 2 weeks and check out eye-pooping results.

8. Potato Skin | Peeling Remedy for This Disorder:

Rubbing a potato skin has been found to be very effective for warts-affected people. Generally, a piece of potato is easy to rub against small warts. With anti-inflammatory contents, a potato skin can easily be used as the best solution to get rid of small wounds as well as big ones.

9. Pineapple Juice | Natural Pineapple Extracts:

Pineapple juice is another operative solution to get rid of this disorder permanently. Take a pineapple and remove the skin to get the inner part. Cut it into pieces and grind them to get the juice. Put it in a cup and use a cotton cloth to dip it in the juice. Apply this dipped cotton cloth on the affected areas. Try to use separate cloth for each new wound. Use a bandage to let the juice work. The pineapple juice contains natural enzyme that effectively fights the bacteria and weakens it. Use the same procedure twice on daily basis for 3 weeks.

10. Aloe Vera | A Natural Ingredient Solution:

Aloe Vera is a natural plant that contains concentrated gel. If you have an aloe vera plant in your garden, use one of the leaves to extract the concentrated gel from it. Pour the gel directly on the wart wound. Extra care should be taken while applying the gel. Try to wash your hands properly if you are applying with fingers.

11. Castor Oil | Daily Natural Oiling:

Castor oil is another natural cure to get rid of the warts. Apply 3 to 4 drops of castor oil on your warts or affected areas and massage them with your fingers. Repeat it daily to get instant results.

12. Birch Bark | Natural Herbal Solution:

You will normally see barks of birch trees ready to drop from the trees. These barks can be used as a remedial option for this disease. Use 2 or 3 birch barks and put them in boiling water. Keep them boiling for 8 to 12 minutes. Soak a cotton cloth in the solution, apply it on the wart, and affected areas. Normally, you need to cool down the cotton cloth in order to avoid extra pain. Repeat the procedure for 2 weeks and see exciting results.

13. Cantharidin | Curing Agent for Warts:

Cantharidin is another effective agent used in the cure of warts. It is a natural compound secreted by blister beetles especially the Spanish fly. It is a toxic chemical and application should be done carefully and under strict guidance. When applied on the affected area, it softens the lipid bi-layer of the skin, dissolves the hardened skin and activates series of enzymes that are responsible for its mode of action.  Cell-to-cell adhesion and the cellular architecture are distorted hence dissolving skin found under the warts.  This causes the dead skin to fall off. It is applied directly over the affected skin using an applicator by the health personnel and it is covered with plaster. When not in contact with normal healthy skin, the application is generally painless. When it is used with care, it is highly effective for WR (Wart Removal).

14. Duofilm | Treating Wart With A Mixture Of Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid:

Duofilm is a combination of lactic acid and salicylic acid. It is available as gels, solutions and creams which are applied directly on the affected warty areas of the skin. It is highly effective but care should be taken during its application to prevent side effects. Before duofilm is applied to the skin, the affected and surrounding skin is kept clean and dry. Lactic acid softens the hardened skin allowing salicylic acid to penetrate into the cells of the skin. The overall efficacy of salicylic acid (WR agent) is improved when administered with lactic acid. Application should continue for at least 12 weeks before considering it to be ineffective.

15. Durasal | Treating Warts by Topical Formulation of Salicylic Acid:

Durasal is another topical formulation of salicylic acid used in the cure of warts, as with other salicylic formulations, the active ingredient destroys the viruses found in the affected skin. This causes the sloughing of the affected skin. Care should be taken during the administration of durasal and pregnant women, patients with diabetes and kidney disease, should use it with caution.  It contains 26% salicylic acid and packaged as a solution supplied with a small applicator.

16. Mediplast:

This is another salicylic acid manufactured and sold in different forms e.g., as gels, lotion, suspension. The salicylic acid is a keratolytic agent capable of peeling of the warts by softening and destroying the virus. Exact mechanism by which mediplast act is not fully understood. However, it has been used effectively as a WR agent.

17. Duofilm Extra Strength Gel:

Extra strength double contains 27% salicylic acid formulated and sold as gel, creams and lotions. It is a topical applied over the affected areas of the skin. It increased salicylic concentration improves its efficacy but risk of local and systemic side effects are higher than normal strength duofilm. It acts by softening the warts, halts the proliferation of the human papilloma virus (HPV) and peels it from the skin. For WR using duofilm extra strength gel, the gel is applied on the skin after the skin has been cleaned and wet with water. The surrounding normal skin should be protected using pads, patches.

18. Propolis:

Propolis is a natural occurring complex resin obtained from the resinous compound produced by bees. It is a natural agent used in warts removal and it is applied directly on the affected areas. Propolis is best applied at night before bedtime and covered with a bandage. Treatment with propolis should be repeated about one to two times weekly.

19. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA):

TCA is a topical agent used in the cure of genital warts. It is formulated as 80% or 35% solution. TCA is usually administered once weekly by a physician to prevent damage to healthy surrounding skin and side effects. The 80% solution has a higher efficacy rate but application should be carried out with care because of its greater level of toxicity. It should be kept from reach of children and should be stored in a cold dry place. Accidental application of TCA on normal healthy skin should be washed off immediately using running water and a physician should be consulted.

20. Antacid cimetidine (Tagamet):

Cimetidine is an antacid used in the management of peptic ulcer disease. It acts by reducing gastric acid secretion. However, it has been proven that cimetidine is also effective in the cure of warts. Its mechanism of action is not known. Tagamet is administered as an oral agent given daily for 3 months. Although it has not been accepted by FDA, studies have showed that cimetidine is effective in the cure of warts.

  • Medical Treatment Options:

21. Laser Treatment and Excision:

In recent times, the use of laser therapy in the treatment of warts has been on the increase, an intense light beam is used for WR.  It is a simple procedure that can be done in the doctor’s office using only local or regional anaesthesia. It is however reserved for patients who have received other treatment for the lesion without any improvement. It is highly effective in treating warts. This method of treatment requires special training in the use of laser beam. The beam is used to cut and destroy the wart and surrounding tissues. For skin warts, laser beam knife is used but in laser treatment for cervical cancer, electrosurgical loop is preferred because it ablates the cancer cells found in the cervix.

Excision is a surgical method of WR. In excision, the wart is excised from the skin taking along with it a rim of 2-3 cm of normal looking skin. This surgical procedure requires local or regional anaesthesia. It can be used in the cure wart not responsive to medical treatment. It may be a definitive cure of wart by normal looking skin may harbour HPV hence accounting for the rate of recurrence after surgical excision of the lesion. Wide margin excision is currently the goal standard in the surgical removal of warts. The free margins excise apparently normal healthy looking skin that may be harbouring the HPV without any obvious growth. This is done to ensure that all possible affected skin tissue is taken with the wart to prevent recurrence.

22. Freezing:

Freezing also known as, Cryotherapy involves the use of cold agent e.g. liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesion. It is an effective WR remedy modality. Liquid nitrogen freezes the blood vessels that supply the warts. When these vessels are damaged, blood supply (oxygen and nutrient) to the wart cells reduced hence the wart cells begin to die off. It is a fast and relatively painless procedure that can be carried out in the doctor’s office within minutes. About four treatment courses may be needed with 2-3 weeks between each course of Cryotherapy.

23. Therapies like imiquimod (Aldara, Zyclara), and Cidofovir (Vistide):

Imiquimod and cidofovir are agents used as WR agents. These are highly effective in the remedy of wart. Cidofovir is an antiviral agent which targets the various subtypes of viruses that cause warts and it is injected directly into the lesion.

24. Wart Cream:

Several warts creams are available as over the counter agents used in WR. These are highly effective as there help eradicate warts. Their basic content is salicylic acid which is NSAID effective in the treatment of warts. Other constituents like lactic acid improve the efficacy of salicylic acid. Wart cream should be applied following your doctor’s instruction. Petroleum base jelly should be used to protect the surrounding healthy tissues.

25. Wart Anti-allergic Gel:

Wart anti-allergic gel can be used effectively for WR. There are available in the market, cheap and safe with fewer side effects. There have an additional advantage of reducing allergic reactions that occur during remedy of warts.

  • Conclusion:

Warts are abnormal skin growth caused by the proliferation of human papilloma virus in the cells of the skin. This gives an abnormal skin growth with rough edges, which can be found on any part of the body. Warts are commonly seen around the ano-genital region, soles feet and palms of the hands. As a disease condition, it is a benign with no possibility of distant metastasis. However patients are usually concerned on cosmetic hence requesting for WR.

Different techniques and drugs have been described for WR. Although remedy may be difficult, it is advisable that different therapeutic measures are used in the remedy of warts. Since most drugs used in the treatment of warts are toxic to normal skin, care should be taken to prevent injury to the surrounding healthy tissues.

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