Warts Removal

Warts are common skin conditions , that are thought to be caused by the human papillomavirus.Before removal of this condition is initiated, it is important to know the different types that exist. Most of the types are named with their associated location on the body.Periungual ones are found near or around the nail area.For instance, plantar are found under the feet, flat ones may be found on the legs, face and other parts of the body.There are very many ways of removing these troublesome skin conditions.

Salicylic acid has long been known to be a remover of these growths and is sold as drops, gels, plasters and even pads.Topical creams containing salicylic acid would appear to have the best success rate according to consumer reviews.

The solution can be used on the growths regardless of their sizes. The acidic solution contains keratolytic medicine that dissolves most of the protein found in the growths.

Duct tape or any other tape can be used to cover the growths but in order for it to effectively work, it must be kept in place for a long time without falling off which is impossible because tape always falls off.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding use of salicylic acid to treat the growths. It has been said to cause burning and redness of the skin but if this happens, the user can always stop and try something different. Sensitive parts of the body like the face or groin area should never get any of the solution as it can eat away the skin and leave an open wound.

In addition, people who are diabetic or those who have poor blood circulation should not use the acid on their skin because any burns would take a long time to heal. Also, in cases where there are obvious signs of inflammation, use of the acid would be forbidden. Freezing products should also be used with caution and instructions on the proper way to use them must be followed to the letter.

When treating this condition, it is easy for the victim to think that the solution being applied is not working. This is because the growths take months or years to completely disappear. Some grow other warts besides the main one while others become very painful and some are not.It may also include a visit to the doctor who may use liquid nitrogen to freeze it.Health care specialists have suggested that if it is not bothering the individual and they can live comfortably, then they should not take steps to treat it.If left alone some are inclined to disappear without intervention but many are stubborn and require medical attention.

Often hocus pocus is employed and glow in the dark paints are applied or the blisters are rubbed with the igniting side of a matchbox. Cats have featured in many remedies as has a full moon. These have been known to work but in actual fact it has been the body’s own immune system that has cured the patient around the same period as the magic remedy was applied.

These small hard blisters bear a resemblance to miniature cauliflowers and are a viral infection. They are mostly considered harmless although unsightly and there are 10 known varieties that differ considerable in size, shape and appearance.

Some are however dangerous and be cancerous in extreme cases.There are numerous pharmaceutical ointments, creams and lotions sold that claim to contain preventative and curative properties.Applications of resin paint have also been known to work. Many new products are still in the research stage or awaiting approval.

For successful removal one may want to try a combination of magic, folklore and modern science.

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